Why a Bearing Witness blog?


The stories collected by the Bearing Witness Stories Project are meant to inspire and challenge readers with their testimonies of faithful and costly discipleship. But they also raise many questions.

What are the spiritual resources individuals and churches rely on to navigate situations of opposition and persecution? What Scripture passages or communal church practices sustained them?

How are these stories interpreted and used by the communities from which they come? What stands out to readers of these stories in different contexts?

How do stories of persecution affect interreligious or ecumenical relationships? How does religious persecution affect men and women differently? How does the political context shape the church’s response to suffering?

Although the main purpose of the Bearing Witness project is to collect and share stories, we hope that this blog can be a place for discussion, analysis and application. It will also be a space for additional voices to share how the stories have impacted their own faith.

We hope that your voice will be part of the conversation and take a role in shaping the direction and content of this blog. Read the stories and share your questions and thoughts in the comment sections. We’ll use your comments to help guide topics here on the blog.

Welcome and feel free to share widely and invite others to join the conversation!

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