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The Bearing Witness Stories Project is meant to be interactive and collaborative. Please share your stories! This could be your personal story, a story of your faith community, a story from your faith heritage, or a story that has been inspiring to you.

We also welcome suggestions for story ideas or resources–books, articles, websites, worship resources, etc.–that relate to the mission of the Bearing Witness Stories Project.

لــاـ نشـدوا عني يـــطيــب معنــى الكـــلـلـ م ،، كلـي فخــر لـلـ قلــت إي نـعـم بنت إفـلـاـ ن by حنا خلقنا لك جنود. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Ideally, stories will primarily be of those from the Anabaptist community of faith who have

  • willingly suffered, died or experienced some significant deprivation
  • for the cause of Christ
  • in the manner of the defenseless Christ, and who have
  • expressed their faith through believers baptism
  • from within an identifiable ecclesial context,
  • in a way that inspires faithfulness.

We encourage you to browse the Stories page of this site for examples of stories that fit these criteria. Further examples may be found on the “Bearing Witness” page on AnabaptistWiki.

Once you have a story or story idea to share, please submit it using the form below!

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Please be assured that stories do not need to be submitted in a polished, final form. We welcome any ideas or leads you may have and we are more than happy to help edit stories. Contact Elizabeth Miller at with any questions you may have.

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