“We wouldn’t go to war in any form”

All Mennonite World Conference member churches who participated in the recent Global Anabaptist Profile (GAP) survey were asked the following two questions: “If the government required military service, what would you do?” and “Do you agree or disagree that it’s okay for Christians to fight in a war?” For the Convención de las Iglesias Evangélicas Menonitas de Nicaragua (CIEMN),  Keep Reading…

Olga Rubel — Ukraine

“Though we are already Mennonites in name, we are learning how to be real peacemakers and what it means to reconcile.”

Richard Rancap — Philippines

“This is something that we embrace. That we are not to fight with one another, but to live in peace with another.”

Emmanuel Wayindama

The following excerpt is taken from Jim Bertsche, “That’s all you can do to me,” in The Jesus Tribe: Grace stories from Congo’s Mennonites, 1912-2012 ed. Rod Hollinger-Janzen, Nancy Myers and Jim Bertsche (Elkhart, IN: Institute of Mennonite Studies, 2012): 71-72. Co-published with the Institute for the Study of Global Anabaptism. The first warning Pastor  Keep Reading…

Adi Walujo — Indonesia

“Maybe people think persecution is always negative, but for us we learned how to depend on God while our church was closed.”

When Christianity is a minority religion

Like Paul and Suja Phinehas, featured in a recent story on the main Bearing Witness site, Naomi Tamura’s Christian faith makes her a religious minority. At Mennonite World Conference Assembly 16 in Harrisburg, PA, this past July, Tamura shared with us both the struggle and the opportunity that accompanies Christian faith in Japan. Both the  Keep Reading…