Matt Anslow — Australia

“Christians are taking on this role of witnessing publicly—even paying the cost of being arrested—in order to witness to compassion for refugees.”

Anna Jansz

Written by Gerald Mast. The below text was originally presented as a sermon at First Mennonite Church of Bluffton, Ohio and published on Mast’s personal blog in January of 2015. In order to find our way into the story of Anna Jansz, we must travel from Zurich, Switzerland in 1525 to the north German city of  Keep Reading…

“Nazarene” war-resisters in Serbia

Gjorgje Nikolic wrote well. He loved to write, and with a job for a paper like Belgrade’s Politika, just after World War I, he had great opportunities. With the opportunities came a deeply troubling experience. In the fall of 1926 the reporting manager of Politika sent him to observe a strange case before the Danube  Keep Reading…

A sustaining spirituality

The story of David Klassen, a Mennonite Brethren church leader in the USSR who was imprisoned three separate times between 1936 and 1965, is an inspiring account of faithfulness in the face of overwhelming opposition. How did he and other Mennonite Brethren in Karaganda sustain their faith in such difficult circumstances?